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Close To You - text


I like the way you smile
It reminds me of a happy child
It makes me feel a little less alone

I miss you when you’re gone
The hours they stretch on and on
Like water dripping slowly on a stone

You’re such a mystery
The way you look at me
With that light that shines
From someplace I can’t go
Did it take you by surprise
When you realized
That you loved me though
You’ve never told me so?

You know I wanna say
So many things to you today
But you’ve got me feeling
Like I’m flying blind

I think if you were here
The words would ring crystal clear
From this heart that’s learning
How to speak its mind

You fight for truth with love
You’re an iron hand in a velvet glove
It’s the kind of strength
That makes a gentle man
But I’m a child of the wind
I’ve been blown away but I’m back again
I just don’t know if you really understand

Sunlight moves across the floor
There’s a soft breeze through the open door
A sleepy cat lying on the windowsill

On this lazy afternoon
Like honey on a silver spoon
The memory of your smile is with me still

Don’t tell me that it’s wrong
To say I love you with a song
When the words won’t come
I’ve seen you do it too
This road winds along
One day we’ll be gone
But I’ll have this song to bring me close to you

I’ll have this song to bring me close to you

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