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The Storm - text


The air was fire and water
A raging inviolable torrent
The immutable currents of being
Tearing the earth asunder

Our cries bled together
With a measureless multitude
Voices raised in reverence
Soaring above the abyss of despair

We were the wind that rends
The wolf that devours the traitorous sun
And the blindness it once bequeathed
That bred and swarmed in the lands beneath

We were the wind that cleanses
The tumultuous, ravening fury
That swept the blight of our ruin
In to the maw of Nothingness

All is lost
In the fire that purifies
All is Not
In the firmament's agonies
All that Was
Reforged in the furnace of Chaoes
All is Reborn
Our spirits engulfed by the heart
of the Storm

The circle of memory closes
Darkness and radiance coiled together
Serpentine flames entwined
A Bindrune imprisons the Eye

The chains shall be broken
The balance restored
The disease shall be purged
The sign of eternal return

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