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Wings of Time - text


Ancient virtue decayed
God's fallen to find avarice
A piper who's deaf
A storyteller who's dumb
Now we're the watchers who's blind

Merchants counts their shiny gold
A wicked vector shows you the way to go
Don't fold your wings
A tantalizer drowned in the sea of her greed
Don't wait for the harvest from poor fields of life
that you've never seeded

Riding on the wings of time
It's the final way to get out
Take me higher, higher and fly over a heap of the times
Let us flap our wings of time
We're the final one to survive
Soar high seeing the fields down below left behind
So high!!

A clone child
Don't be afraid
Can stand no more
Take it no more
Watch all the clowns who pretend that they care
Don't leave me alone in this maze

Wag your tail and follow me
You're my nightmare comes to bother me
World's falling down
Ask your mind what ethics is
Break the idol what's called the isomer of our daily lives
See the Fall of Man



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