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Olden Story Tells - text


I'm walking on the circle of fire and ice
But there's no way out?
A ring from the belfry and one drop of rain
Who can tell?
Was there the age of the light

I am so afraid of deep inside myself
What's determination?
Longing for a ray of light
I hide in my hand

Learn to live
Get back to the pain
I will rise to sail to the ocean of thoughts and lies
For old days stories can tell how to rise
And the way to place where I'd always be
Say a word
Cause we'll never go anywhere

Before you leave from the gate

And horns cry
I followed the shadows of the odd
But there's no way home
High queen and noble king
King of the kings
Eyes of the blind can see hurt soul of mine

Staring the stars
The moon in the day
Stay still bleed
Shall bring it back to me

Another new day, sunrise, hope
The story of the brave, sage and wise can tell us what he meant
And sorrow of the day


Before I say it


repeat x2

Because I can't find the way to get out

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