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Weird Places - text

The Night surrounds and closes inside...
The woods' silence cries in my mind
And a little light appears on the long dark road...

Black trees around-standing like heroes
Old witnesses of untold thoughts
As a giant shadow grows before my eyes
A castle (?) never seen, a weird place of vile dreams
Calling inside with magic light
As it welcomes with shadows-dancing around

Gloomy figures wherever I turn
The past's dead minds shouting and burning in my fears...
..."Let me show you God with blood"
and a sword like a crucifix remembers the past

...Just illusion, if I dream
Just words in a brain
Just another fight inside myself
At the end of the beginning...
Just words...if I dream; just words in a brain

...battles I go, dead screams burn
Bloody kisses in ever return
And dead emperors...building
immortal graves/To make alive what never stays:
The Past.
...Just illusions,
If I dream just words in a brain
Just another fight in myself
At the end of the beginning...
Just thoughts...if I dream
Just words in a brain...
But isn't the shadows stop for a while
Nothing here but the past surrounds,
Other ages, other fights
Came to the end but here they live
And while surprising, a mirror smiles to my shadowed eyes

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