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Dying for the Sun - text

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Dying for the sun...
Why should he trust her,
she's losing control?
Why should he hear her because
her lies enrage him more?
He can feel the fire
burning inside his soul.
Where will her faith reside
'cause he will never let her go.
There’s no escape,
you’ll fear it now.
This reward to save her soul
to see him die.
He tells the world,
and darkness comes.
He will never find her now
in his demise.
Dying for the sun,
he's dying, for the one.
He's dying, for the sun.
Dying, dying for the sun!
Can he heal the lucky one,
the one who treads the garden path.
Desperation within the means,
walk along the fallen leaves.
Come to see the dying light,
the burning white to say goodnight.
Captured now the shift in tide,
the two are his who vomit pride.
He does not know what set him free,
the stagnation of the dark.
Burning 'neath the beast of dying,
strangle the night with nested wire.
There’s no escape,
he'll fear it now.
You cannot strip away his soul,
he's soon to die.
You tear him down,
and darkness comes.
The priest now sides with his
disgrace beyond this life.

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