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Like Locusts - text


I lay in filth
My thougths decay
I wish I could turn off my mind
Flip of a switch
All goes black
No more angst
No more sadness
No more confusion
No more anger
No more pain
No more love
Only black
Only peace
How long must I go before I realize that this is not for me?
That I;m slowly dying, rotting from the inside
Lying in the dark
Muffled sounds sound
So distant in this silence
Explode in my ears
They invade me
They envelope me
Like locusts suffocating me
The current
Too strong
Growing tired and weary maelstrom
Its embrace
Is pulling me under
We succumb to its violence
Never knowing when that time will come
I've fought it far too long
Now it's time to let myself go
Now it's time
Achieving peace
Now it's time
Let go
Of the guilt
Now it's time
Stop my beating heart

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