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Fire kindled by anger
You cannot control me anymore
What you did was out of order
Watch me as I burn the family tree

She has become
A mismatch in society
Dancing all alone
She's at the crossroad of her life
I guess she is drawn to the dark side of the moon

As I wrap it up, it's time to fly, what if he catches me
Feather light footsteps on the wooden floors
As I unlock the door
A sense of guilt I never felt before

She has become a self-fulfilling prophecy
Breaking out of her own
She's at the crossroads of her life
I guess she is drawn to the dark side of the moon

Let's hope for a miracle to suddenly come along
Facing the world, all alone
Her destiny

What lies ahead is a path without a home
The unforgiving roads

Mind set to survival
In my heart I know where I belong
it's a place I've been drawn to forever
A bittersweet emotion as we ride into the night lights

Another day has gone by
another moonlit night
I would do whatever it takes
to see you home again

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