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Beware the Child - text


See the face in the dark, it's like I'm fallin' apart.
By the child that sings, and make me doin' bad things.
The picture so clear, of what once could have been.
But, then she betrayed. Now the child is living.

Haunted by dreams, he is walking around. There is lot of peace, but not to be found.
There is a scream, but there's no one to see, there is a pain, but there's nothing to feel.

Dreams of the past is haunting him down. There is woman, and there is a child.
She took the life of the innocent one. Pain deep inside, the punishment was done.
Beware of the child who is living in sin.
There is no end. There is no end.

His long road to madness has a short road to Hell.
It's all in his mind, and it's there to believe. Dreams of the one, once living in sin.
Dreams of the child, now living within.
There is no end (x3), beware the child.

Not for the one who once betrayed me. Not for the eyes who will forgive me.
But for the child who lives within me. And for the reason to set my soul free.

Screams from the child: "Daddy, do it for me!"
The revenge of the innocent makes innocent bleed.
This is a game, we must follow the rules. 'Cause the pain is too real, to real to be true.

There goes a song that echoes his mind. A child cryin' load. " Daddy be mine! "
Dreams of the one, once livin' in sin. Dreams of the child, still livin' within.
There is no end. Beare the child. (X3)

Text přidal paja65

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