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From my blackened chariot I travel my domain
Slaves and subjugates, they tremble at my name
I've lived one thousand lives and will live one thousand more
I rule this Netherworld, I am the Emperor
Black and damp, my land resides, on cloven hoof, across we stride
An Iron Fist, to rule this world, the might is mine - to rule and to reign

To rule and to reign!
To rule and to reign!
Thunder shakes the mountains high, and lightning fills the sky
Eclipse the work of God and surpass his feeble try
Victorious on we march, for none shall us defy
Save your breath of misery, save your pitiful cries
Cower in your House of God, your faith is now all too vain
Sweep aside the weep of pray, I enter now - to rule and to reign
To rule and to reign!
To rule and to reign!
Creation! Damnation!
Crack the whip - of intolerance
Eternal life - of abolishment
Ambassador - of deceit
To orchestrate - your defeat
Revel in - hypocrisy

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In His Infernal Majesty’s Service


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