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Circle, Circle (Mystery of Zodiac -part.I) - text


1.) Circle circle in the stone, signs are flying round your core.
Mystic circle in the stone, without changes for so long.

Circle circle in the stone, symbol of your birth and tomb.
He will lead you from the cradle-to the grave.
Destiny is graved in stone, human life so funny small.

Just a little grain of sand.

Circle circle be my hope, that we are here for some cause.
Twelve are ways to same dissolve, one after and one before.

B) Can you see? Everybody’s got a symbol.
Can you see?
R:) Into the circle, you hide your identity.
Into the circle
Into the circle, engrave your way of living.
Into the circle

2.) Circle circle, turn to stone, signs are flying round your core.
You have no idea boy, how you have a mind control.

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