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I circle high above you and I look down upon you
Riding on the breeze, I'll do with you as I please
When you see my feathers fly, then you know it's time to die
I've got you in my sights, and you're food for me tonight
Opens her wings - opens the game
Thinking the things - No-one can name
Bird of Prey - Bird of Prey
Takes to the skies - Out of the blue
Hear the refrain - calling to you
Bird of Prey - Bird of Prey
Into the night spirits will fly
Draws down her veil ready to feast
Calling your name, calling the game
Taking the sun blighting the day
You fear for your life, taken by the...
Bird of Prey - Will ruin your day
Into the dive, straight to the heart
The taking of life - turned into art
Bird of Prey - Bird of Prey
It might seem insane but you're the bait
You're food for the Gods and now it's too late
Look to the skies, fear for your life
Could be tomorrow, could be today
A breath on the wind is gonna blow you, away...
You take a drink believing, in some enchanted evening
But she holds all the cards and you're falling fast and hard
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Opens her wings, summoning flight
Demon will rise into the night
You gotta believe that she's having her way
You gotta believe that you're marked by the...
Bird of Prey - Will ruin your day
Bird of Prey - I'm gonna ruin your day!

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