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Ode to the Morning Star - text


Evil takes flight in the night time
Conjured by those who believe
Flame of the fire does enchant you
Real, though your eyes do deceive
The fog forms a figure before me
Shifting of shapes in my eyes
I’ll not sell my soul to the Devil
I’ll merely just lease it for a while

Do you think about ever getting out?
Would you give it all, just to avoid the fall?
Scent of seas and trees has brought you back to me
Not for long, I know, our love it has to go

Evil, the beasts all around me
Which beckon me here, deep inside
Those who among us are ageless
Cage-less ’til the end of time
Out of our heads creeps the madness
A sadness you cannot believe
This is an ode to the night time
And the star of the morning that shines

Slither serpent back away
Satan’s servants here to stay
Evil coven coming yr way
Light & darkness interplay

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