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In my life I’ve met a few steady proper skinhead crews.
But in ’92 there was a crew that banged,
a wild untamed skinhead gang.
I was young but I knew better,
they claimed “white power” and they fought whoever.
These skinheads were out for blood.
Thought they were invincible. Casino in Mount Pocono.
They ruined Airport Music Hall. A time bomb ready to blow.
July 15, 1992 they murdered a homeless dude.
Beaten and stabbed to death.
Lynch turned state’s evidence.
Ritchie Krutch lost his tooth. Kicked in the face by skinhead boot.
Neil Rappley lost his life. Stabbed to death by skinhead knife.
To all the skinheads old & new, don’t end up in a bonehead crew.
Respect the culture, respect your roots.
Be a steady proper skinhead crew!

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