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I don’t wanna live in a world where i can’t keep my children safe. sometimes i lie awake in the dark cause i can’t stop thinking about it. I’m surround by lunatics and racists always trying to test me. trying to test my patience, i know how hard this life can be. It can be lot harder that it’ was for me. what’s the point in trying? is there and point in trying if you really can’t change a thing? When i take a look at life I got the answer seems quite clear to me. i don’t wanna live if i can’t be with the people I love and the friends i’ve made. So let it be known if i die today y’all mean the world to me, if i die today did i say all the things i had to say? if i die today how will the world remember me? if i die today to all my friends and family please understand why i say that i don’t wanna live, not here. i’m not ashamed. this is who i am, my heart on my sleeve and blood on my hands. my youth is over and i had my fun. but now i gotta live for my little ones Until i’m gone i’ll do wathever i can. i swear it over and over and over again. fuck you if you don’t understand. too many of my homeys died for no reasons. thoses days are over and i myss my friends so i promised i would die to protect my fam..

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Class War

Wisdom In Chains texty

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