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In my house and on my street
I feel a movement beneath my feet
Coming closer, it's almost here
A storm is gathering, handcuffs shackling

I won't go easy!
A nation of millions gonna back me up
We'll stand together and speak as one and say
Get your hand out of my pocket now

I am not a child
Don't hold me by the wrist
We don't need your permission
We're just trying to exist
We are not your slaves
We don't owe you shit
You feel that turning tide
But you can't turn with it

For this land I will defend as long as I do occupy
I will protect the ones I love with all the love I have inside
Light a fuse, light a fire - Burn it hotter, burn it higher
Fuck you pig! You'll feel ashamed
You can't stop this ever changing wind

You should know you'll never hold back that wind
No no, it's gonna blow blow blow
This old tired world is coming down and you're going down
You're going down with it

We will not be moved as we throw fuel onto this fire
You feel it burning everywhere - defend protect
And we are all like wind blowing out across this fire
Spreading out to every land - defend protect
And I will not back down and you cannot put out this fire
I belong on any land - defend protect

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