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Well I'm spinning I'm sinking
Don't know what I'm seeing
Right in fron of my face
A living nightmare
I stand here shakin'
It's shaken my cage
The ceiling has caved in
The walls are shrinking now
We got to get out of this place
We can't win if we're always losing
Are we searchin' in vain
Insane insane insane insane
Well sometimes I swear
I can feel you thinking
Deep inside of my head
It seems those things you think
Can makle me fall to pieces
'Cuz it's making no sense
Insane insane insane insane
I'm feeling - I'm done in
My soul is sinking
'Cuz it's out of my hand
I've been living in this
Crazy dream world with you now
But I guess I'll never wake
Insane insane insane

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