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While There's a Candle Burning - text


You used to come and see me all the time
I gave you everything I had
I brought you up
And I never left you one time feeling bad

They say it's a new age

And I wonder where you've been

You can help me turn a new page

The same door is open, come on in

While there's a candle burning

I'll be reaching for your heart

While there's a wheel still turning

I know how to play my part

So I keep the wheels all turning

And I keep the candles burning

All day through here for you

The world is full of players in the night

They say the words they have to say

They're all so hot

And they never give a damn for yesterday

Don't care if they touch you

Everywhere you saved for me

'Cause I still know how to move you

I still know how to rock you, come and see

Text přidala 199819581976

Talking Back to the Night

Steve Winwood texty

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