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We had the stars they kept shining
Where they led us we followed
Two for love, wandering
I look back here's what I see

We were outside
There was Paris
It was raining
And we felt everything

In a crowded street in London
Happiness and we were so alive
And your soul was a wide and deep blue sea
I would drown and you'd rescue me

And we lived our life like a story
Clear to the ending

It was happiness, so clear happiness
Happiness, no tear happiness

Can't keep time from its running
Soon the best times are over
Photographs hold me
And I see how good we were

There was that day out in Carmel, California
With no clothes in the sun
In a crowded street in London
Happiness and then it all goes by

So I drink to the past and what still will be
One day I'll be a memory
But I lived my life like a story
Too bad there's an ending

Text přidala 199819581976

Talking Back to the Night

Steve Winwood texty

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