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Take It Off - text


Theres a place called jail
Where they'll teach you discipline
Theirs a guard on watch
So you better watch your back

When Lindsey
Spent some time behind bars
That's the night
The monster came alive
Trying to
Escape her time

Now I just want a drink
And a cigarette too
Is that asking to much from all of you
Please just listen
Do you know who I am
Mother Freaking linsay lohan
But right now
I just want to
I just want to
Get out of here

Theirs a cell in jail
Where the Mean Girls star now sleeps
It's a different life now
For this wild movie star

And they will regret
When I escape jail
When they aren't looking
I will make my break

Theirs a girl I know
If your looking for a show
Shes in Cell 13
And I think she's been drinking

And they will regret
When I escape jail
When they let me out
Everybody will regret!

Lost her mind
Lost her tan
Lost her teeth
For some fangs
She is hiding
From the sun
Because her head is pounding

My fangs began to grow
My thirst needs to be quenched
The guard comes to give me food
I grab his neck and bite
I escape this place
Make my way to the nearest bar to drink
Im reliving
Im reliving
My past mistake

Theirs a girl I knew
Who was in jail for a crime
But now she's long gone
She ran off into the night

And they regretted
When I escaped jail
When I escaped jail
Everybody regretted

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