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ET (Acoustic Version) - text


10 seconds till blast off
Should I be excited, my nerves start to set in
Flying into the sky
Feels like I am floating, my body is weightless

They say be afraid
Not to trust the earthlings, they're nothing but trouble
Different intentions
They don't understand us

I don't know what to expect
On a whole new planet
I opened my eyes
And then to my surprise, they are all standing there

Kill him, ki-ki kill jim
Shoot him with your lasers
Bring him to the prison

Free me, Fr-free me
Bring me to your leader
Im not like the others

Boy, you are a liar
You're not welcomed here
This is our planet
Why are you even here

You're so fascinating
Wanna see your powers, tell me all your secrets
You have a third eye
It is staring at me

You're not what I expected
You're not like the others
You've opened my eyes
Now im ready to go, take me back to your home

Blast off, bl-blast off
Flying through the galaxy
Going to start a new life

Can't wait ca-cant wait
Why am I stuttering?
Im just so excited

Girl, you're an alien
But I do not care
Ill stand by your side
And ill protect you here

Earth is so amazing
I never want to leave
Boy, you're my everything

They might not welcome you
But ill always stand by you
For you ill risk it all

Whats that, wh-whats that
A California beach
How bout we go swimming

Lets go, Le-Lets go
We can play in the sand
Or even go surfing

Girl, you're an alien
But I do not care
Ill stand by your side
And protect you here

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