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As though a Phoenix doth ruins burn,
Stricken with by-gone years,
As fire devours frail bodies so,
Life moves throughout its journey,
The spirits of fated ones,
From flesh and bones advance,
The funeral pyres burn red!
Yet to it returns, after time and space,
A life restored anew,
When that the ashes now begin,
From the force of flames,
To join and fuse again!
Though buildings were of ruin,
The flames did cease and cool,
Bone-cases all but broken,
The burning now turned blue,
Then from the pile, a likeness,
In the spring sun's gleam doth grow!
The sign of sun as giving hope,
Up over oceans, of noble stars delight,
A sparkling gem, as though in gold encased,
By smiths' artifice, it has been set!

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