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Victory - text


I am the sole survivor of a slaughter innocence and
Stronger as an man of lost command in this war
I found the right of this life following voices that
(have) guided me in this earth of salvation

Brake the time and dominate the world
Leaving down (all the) memories so you will fly

Waves of the oceans taking you high
Until the horizon you will can find
Glorius (and) freedom breaking (the) wall of light
Now why are you so blind between the dark
Anymore stranger inside this world
Fight and kill wherever is your way

You are a shadow of death you live in a labyrinth of
Hate, tears, shades, fear & madness, rain & fire forever
If you want I will take you
Away from this reality, in the land of salvation

Writing behind the destiny what is your life
Is different between the hate and love
For the real victory
The time is passing by breeding joy and pain
You are victim of fate

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