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Time of the Rainbow - text


Across the sky we fly together
Breathing the cold wind in the winter

Through the land of ice
We get wet of holy water (wora)
For the shine of our souls

The eyes of corruption will never fire
Until we will be unite

Bleeding the lynfh of the land can give us
The energy to arise for a celestial dream

Take my hand today
Rise again to fly
Don't be afraid of the power of steel

Forever against the blue sky
Take my hand today
And fly away to the land of cold
The time of the rainbow has come

A new world of pain
It won't rain all the time
The sun is waiting to clean all our minds
Behind the clouds!
Hidden for a new salvation
It waits in the silence to grow

We hold the key for the horizon
We hold the key for the legend call
Oh! All the angels
Let us make this go!

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