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The Seventh Prophecy - text


Welcome now into this land
Where all the things are made to be browen
No one care (of) each other life and profit to remain
You live your life for the prophecy
Fell the power of the spell
Remember now old ancient script
About the mystery of life and the key to open and drie
All the secrets of time and leave all the rest behind

Anywhere you can fight against this war
Holy fault without remorses and you kill the enemy
Every kind of hell
And you will live forever free

You are nearby there you don't have to look
Distant but only inside your soul because you are
You are the key of the legend of our prayers
Ohh! Reach today the tears and pain
(The) tomorrow will be free for everyone
By shades escape away from rivers and skies
Of this new hera
All the hideaways of my brain are died

Before you lower the dawn
I am the point break between future and past
You are the soldier of last crying angels
I have the safety that the final battle is a theater
Of blood and the rain before you lower the dawn

You will return to fight from new evil
I will pray that you will feel my fire
You will time every movement of mine
But I kill you again and again...

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