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Tears of Anger - text


Heal this world this this going on in a hole
We unify the power of mankind
When the time will come, we'll stand, we'll ride
The fear behind the sky tonight will disappear
Hate and tears before the sorrow
Love and light will be tomorrow
So, I'll brake in your eyes again

Heroes of the souls try to catch all the high
In heart of men before the sink in charm
Leaving all odds all behind
Trying to stop all the madness of (the) time

Anger of (the) new horizon we'll brake the skies 'n' lights
'n' we'll come the day that hearts will flight away
In liberty stands still with
Still with the strength of the hope in this eyes

Never say never and never I will die
Brake all the lies with the light (angel)
Angel are crying so far that I can hear, this cry!

Live hideing night, tonight
Live hideing night, tonight we'll come

Leave insanity in your minds
Let freedom come inside of life this utopia my cry...
Over the fear, under the sky, walking alone no more cry
Rise tomorrow, rise to stay

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