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Someone May Think We Are Losers - text


To realize desire
Stand up and rise your hands into the sky
Find out the strength to show what is our life
And our know
Someone may think we are losers
And try to brake time faith in time
Find out the key to show the way
And pay your soul to go on

Don't stay behind
Run only for yourself
And close your eyes to go away

I feel the night that call the name of the evil
I got the power in the heart of an angel
I screen the dreamland and wraiting on the wind
To live day by day and to see before...

To spread your wings of fire
And fly to sow desease above your heads
Try to understand what is for us the our known
To realize desire
Now you can play the other game
Forgot the past won't rain again
And write the story of new life

Follow the sign that I leave for you
Under your eyes I will be

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