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Everyway where I can walk
there's a shadow on my spirit
the power discloses my evil heart
everywhere I've been before
imaging better way to run
I crashed on the hard
wall made of sorrow

save me
from all this cruel sadness
and bring me to a place
where I can' t gaze behind

against my illusions
afraid to ride future lies
under the stars,
Venus and Mars
why here I am lost as a tear in the rain?

over the skies
like a burning rainbow
waiting the sun
spreading light to hollow
I promise not to fall down

under the ocean
of human madness
dip into waves
of uncounsciousness
I promise that I'II come out

I'II face my deep illusions
I'II wait the sun spreading the light
I won't fall down
I will live again or I'II leave this place

on every side of medal of troubled life
on every side I will carry on my steel

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