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Fury of the Will - text


Shields of mankind shields of fire
Where is the ancient melody of courage
Made of honour made of steel
The stars, the glory, the holy sky

Prophecies of seers are becoming true
Temple of the evil are running throw
Sword must give us strength to face all
Diseases, diavolry, let all free

The doors of heaven watch this epic revolution follow me
In this false paradise

You get control like the wind eternally
The fury of the elements of nature is my friend
In my heart, in my soul, my body shouts cries
To face the end of the world, the end of the world
Let's carry on!

Prophecies of master show me why
Loneliness is true, huge enemy
Tell us what to do where will shall go
No fear behind our eyes

Live my honesty to face the battle fire my eyes
Live the shadows behind!

Ooh! Our legacy can be die
No, is strength passing by!

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