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I see desire by the look in your eyes
I guess you’re afraid of changing your life

You had better think and make up your mind
Cause I can barely wait to put your heart close to mine

Maybe things would change if we could share one night
You should say farewell to your fears and doubts

I feel so sure what I feel it’s true, I wanna share my love with you
But you can`t see that you’re my angel
Away from me there’ll be no dreams, if you’re not here to wipe the tears
Away from my eyes, away from my eyes

I feel so sad when you walk away
Putting off my hopes, will I see you some day?

Will be left the time you were with me
Only ashes remain to be with you once again

I wish I could to brake this off and learn
That love should come in easier ways

I’ve waited so long and I can`t go on
I don`t want to lose you angel...

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