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There you are, you’ve been hurt
Tired of running against the wind
From your past, you’ve been escaping
But there’s a present you have to live

There you are, still so wounded
But everything has been said and done
There’s no time, for regrets
Take ‘em away from your tangled mind

Thousand ghosts lurking you, get rid of them, leave them behind
Instead of wasting time, you’re here to enjoy not to suffer

Maybe your dreams are burning tonight
Maybe a tear’s rolling down from your eyes
Maybe your hopes are gone forever
Your dreams are lost but never say never
Never say never...

(You’re still there) Maybe cryin’
Cause your heart’s wounds are yet to heal
No words that can’t reach you
Cause all that matters is how you feel

Give you a chance to heal your mind, find new hopes to set you free
Break the chains in your life, encourage yourself to go on

Maybe the sun will be shining this time
Your life can change in the blink of an eye
For this to happen, just open your heart
Your dreams will be true for you never say never
Never say never

Maybe your dreams are burning, maybe your tears are falling down
Maybe your hopes are gone forever
You’ll see the sun is shining, you’ll see the light is brightening now
Make the best of your dreams forever

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