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Leppards of the New Century - text

There’s tale of a hard rock band
It could be yours but not, it's ours
We looked for clubs to have a good time
But we were stolen, we ran out of cash

And it was really hard
To find honest people to form the band
A drummer said it will be alright
But he was lying, just wasting our time

Now we know what they’re must doing now (now they’re crying, they must be trying)
Begging to get a cheap place to play (for free beers, to win girls)

Leppards of the new century
We’re a bad luck personality
We’re so happy to be here tonight
It’s the dream we worked so hard for

And a guy that laughed at us
Said "you are like any other band"
Another walked away to be a TV star
Is this bad luck or what?

So in this story there is no fame at all (we’re enjoying, now we made it)
There is no glory, there is no fame (we’re so happy, cause we are...)

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