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In the Heart of Your Heart - text

My heart has been locked, since a long time ago
I let chances pass by for the owner of the key

So she came, like a shooting star in the night
It could be, it could be rain or sunshine
I got caught in a storm, why again?

In the heart of my heart, there are only tears and sorrow
And love has slipped away (And love has slipped away)
In the heart of your heart, only you know the truth
Guess you’re trying to fool yourself (Guess you’re trying to fool yourself)
Ohhhhhh... You’re just a story to tell

It’s hard to tell, how I feel these days
She must be there, having fun with someone else

Don`t understand, why you keep comin’ around
Get out of my way, I just want someone who is worth it
Leave me alone, walk away...

The heart of your heart, don`t know what it's made of
Is it stone or insanity? (Is it stone or insanity?)
To the heart of my heart, hopes and dreams will come back
You’ll be someone to forget (You’ll be someone to forget)
Ohhhhhh... You’re just a story to tell

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