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I walk alone at night, in the darkness people pass me by
They live in their own world as I have by now to bear mine

I’ll dream no more, I don`t want bitter times
Won`t give my heart away ‘till I prove she deserves my heart

Illusions dominate my mind in this lonely night
Don`t know if I’ll survive, I’m playing with fire
I wanna live for what is real, no wounded feelings
In my life again ‘cause I’ll take them no more

Now I don`t wait for no one, empty promisses turned off my light
Wrong people on my way, they just played around with my heart

It gets me so hard to feel all alone fighting the world
Shadows behind will vanish when she comes...

I’ll see love shining in her eyes, she’ll be the one
I was trying to find my whole life
I’ll give her my heart away and I know it won`t be
In vain again ‘cause then I’ll be sure

No more illusions on me, I’ll find love’s mistery
There will be no more lies
Now I just want to know, who’s gonna hold me now
So I’ll be no more waiting

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