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He... he was alone into the night
Walking along that paradise
Where dirty dreams come true for you
Then... he entered a neon bar on path
Smoke and dark shadows burned his eyes
And through the darkness saw a light

A princess of curves danced on the stage
Crossing their looks she caught his breath
There she was!

Hungry eyes, she shocked his heart and lighted the fire
Hungry eyes, she sucked the taste of his desire
When her moves called the roar of the tiger
She ran away, she ran away

Oh! Playing for hours in a hotel
Smelling her sweat between the walls
It was a Heaven here on Earth

Lost in his feelings he fell in love
But nothing so good can be for real
She escaped

Hungry eyes, she drank his blood leaving rough poison
Hungry eyes, she slammed the door of his desire
When her moves turned him on to burn on fire
She ran away, she ran away!

Text přidal paja65

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