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I am stranded and all alone
Like a treasure lost at sea
So hard is it to find it
Like love finds me

Fate stole the light of love and it seems, it hid it in the outer space
Now I’ll be living in the darkness ‘till some angel bring it back to me

Tell me where is Heaven cause I’m lost in Hell
Now that you’re gone forever, baby
Once I was in Heaven now I’m so far away
I just wanna fly to the angels
Cause I know that I’ll find you there

Heartaches, they will come and go
‘Till love sets me free
I picture her smile, reminds me
How happy I used to be

I have no words to describe how it feels to live just from love fantasies
I get so numb that sometimes I wonder why I have to live what I live

I’m looking for Heaven, I’m looking for love
I’m longing for someone, someone to hold
I’m looking for Heaven, l’m looking for love
God send me an angel from the sky above

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