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A Broken Scream - text


Close your frightened eyes,
hear the cries for a concrete world
Lines of hate, born your fate and now you ‘re lost
Hope is gone, far you ‘re drawn, pain is testified
Wage of lust, dreams are crashed in zones electrified

Falling down in sacred earth my spirit burns the bright of day
Just a frozen cloud of senseless warm that flies away
Once again the fate is playing games – redeeming fears
and the rain is pouring down to you my angel tears

TAKE MY HAND – when you reach the distinct sounds of silence
WASTING LAND – my blackened dream
LEAVE YOUR FEAR - cover my endless world of sadness
COME AND HEAR - my broken scream

Summoning my feeling in a desert you are thrilling
embraced with evil eyes
Leaching in my blood, it’s your poisonous flood
a pathetic will civilize
Sentenced to conspire set the images aside
the collapse will disappear
Walking to the dawn forever drawn
I am now your inner fear

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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