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Wintersaga, Here glows the moon of winter nights
Risen for a king yet to come
Cold, let me thaw away
Death, let me ascend again to life
Icy wind and snow upon the heights
over the Misty Mountains
O’er the lakes reflect the silvery moon
circle of season, carry the storm
To the hills, the radiant gold of light
blazes from ancient times in the north
In the autumnal dance of leaves on the ground
your day will have to come
Carrying the freezing storm
over the Misty Mountains
Durin’s Day has come
circle of seasons, carry the storm
Even trees so old and green of hope
bow down their head to you
One by one, their leaves start to fall
Staring at the passage of days and time
Moons of blood will lead your way
Heavy, cold, and hard like steel
You beat your hammer to the night
The howl of the winter, strong will rise
O’er the hills and mountains
The sun and the moon will scorch the sky
A new era dawns again now
Straight through the heights, you’re forging on
Ride with the winds that blow along
Down to the lands far away
Carry the glory of the new age
Wintersaga, Here glows the moon of winter nights
Risen for a king yet to come
From the land of snow your breath will come
over the hills and mountains
The last face of the moon on a winter night
welcomes the new sun to the world
Deep and long, the sleep of nature falls
awaiting a time to live again
When a sprout of hope will wake up the world
ready to thrive once more
Golden king of morning, silver queen of night
Rulers of the day, ancient owners of time
Shining through the forest
glowing through in the night
Hail the winter that comes
The saga of the winter rises strong
Over the Misty Mountains
A story forgotten for so long
Our era of gold is coming
The last day for a dwarf
is the first day of a story that’s yet to come

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