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Up at dawn, working ‘til the night
All the day, we’re on the path
heading for the mine
Tunnels send the iron scraps steady to our home
Heavy furrows on the icy stone
now the Dwarves in rows
working in the mountain
Strong and restless, from afar the echo of the anvil
Forges glow with fire red against the walls
Consuming the black gloaming of the mine
Make them glow!
Make them burn!
Mining, carrying, forging, crafting
smelting of the ores
It’s the duty of a dwarf
Every day the dwarves arise
Heading for the mountain mine
No more time to waste, we are on the way
when A mountain full of gold awaits
And we mine, mine, mine!
‘til the morning light
Digging, crafting, carrying up the ores
smelting at the forge
Nothing shall prevail o’er the gold
‘Til the king and all the dwarveshave come back home
Through the night, working ‘til the dawn
Pickaxe ready, tight the ranks beating on the walls
Building up a dwarven realm that will never kneel
Against the rock the sparking of the steel
No more time to waste
we are on the way
Treasures concealed
are the ones we crave
Brother, answer to our call
We rush for gold
We’ll arise (Rise!)
And we’ll mine (Mine!)
To the heart of the world

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