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How Good It Feels To Be Loved - text


How good, how wonderful, it is
When you've been rejected
And been pushed aside
How wonderful it is to be loved

There was a man, born in Bethlehem
He didn't have many friends at all, as we recall
As a matter of fact he was rejected by man
Even though he did not sin

But his life they despised
They put my Lord to shame
Ever since he rose
Men and women been callin' Jesus name


Now my friends, don't you feel bad
In those times, when your being denied, pushed aside

And even when, you have to cry
Lonely, lonely, lonely teardrops, fill your eyes
You've nothing to lose, everything to gain
Lift your hands toward heaven, go on and call Jesus' name
He knows


How wonderful
How marvelous
It feels alright
It's mighty nice

It feels so good to be loved (repeat out)

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