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Kev's Love Song (Dinkum 'Bout Ya Darlin') - text

I s'pose you know,
I'm no John bloody Farnam,
But then again I don't pretend to be,
But he's ya favorite rocker,
and I'm just your average ocker,
But his sloppy love songs
make ya slide right off ya seat.
So I thought fuck it, if John can do it I can,
So I wrote a song that'll make you slide away,
And I recon my songs better,
and I'll bet it gets ya wetter,
It's called I'm gettin' dinkim' 'bout ya darlin,
'cause I've had a fat all day.

But then again, I know sweet
fuck all 'bout love songs,
Are they supposed to make ya smile
or make ya sad,
And I don't wanna offend ya,
so it's probably best I don't mention,
The funny noises ya make each time we shag.
And I find it hard to explain the way you got me feelin',
But I'd recommend ya as a root ta all me mates,
And it goes without me sayin',
you give the best head in Australia,
I'm gettin' dinkim' 'bout ya darlin,
'cause I've had a fat all day.

And I remember the very first time
I said, "I love you",

You looked back at me and smiled
and said, "I love you too",
So perhaps one day
you'll hear me love song on the wireless,
And ya bloody would too
if I could just have me way,
And I'd cut me fuckin' arm off,
just to hear John bloody Farnam,
Sing, "I'm gettin' dinkim' 'bout ya darlin,
'cause I've had a fat all day".

I never thought that I'd get roped in,
by the old hairy lassoo,

But I tell ya what I'll dedicate,
me next ten wanks to you...
and the next ten too...
So there ya go ya see,
I wrote ya fuckin' love song,
And I hope ya like the things I tried to say,
Now there's only one thing missin',
and that's Johny Farnam singin',
I'm gettin' dinkim' 'bout ya darlin,
'cause I've had a fat all day, No bull shit.
I'm gettin' dinkim' 'bout ya darlin,
'cause I've had half a bar all day.

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