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Names That Fell - text


I got my eyes pealed on a watchtower
That bent then broke four years ago
There were 10 to 15 men inside
That screamed there story was untold
And I looked one right dead in the eye
While two more said don't let us go

But the truth be known I didn't mind
Watching that old steeple fold

1 was vengeance 2 was hate
3 was envy 4 was rape
5 and 6 was lust and lies
These were the names
Stuck in the bell chime

There knuckles white there faces red
And all in unison they said

"You'll never win
You're way to old
Your father's sin
Gave us your soul"

Then two men stood up beside me
And we stepped back to wait and see

That bell chime start to sway and lean
And all in unison we all screamed

That 1 was judgment 2 was hate
3 was vengeance 4 was rape
5 and 6 was lust and lies
All these names rang
in the bell chime!

Upon the rock on which we stand
I see the bell chime in the sand

4 years have gone
The sand is old; it's covered every sin with mold

And steady comes the midnight tide
To slowly crack the bell chime pride

2 men and I tell stories told
Of fathers sin still trapped inside

1 was vengeance 2 was hate
Still we pray they'll never wake
3 and 4 was envy and lies
All these names sink with the bell chime
5 was greed and 6 was lust
7 was the name we never trust
8 and 9 was wrath and Pride
10 was jealousy that binds
11 and 12 was vanity and betrayal
13 was the sloth that killed
14 cried for the judgment that tried

These are the names that sink
With the bell chime

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