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My time - text


Uh, yo
I can’t escape
Soul is crying
Heart full of pain
Cold as ice
Rolled the dice
The cards you may play have an impact
Looking back to the start of your darkest days
Look in the mirror see half my face
Can’t go back no start in the game
So give me a match and I'm sparking a flame

I’m back with a vengeance
Satellite righteous running right by us
Giving dope lines that’s crackin' a sentence
Rap in venue packed to the entrance
And I feel defenseless
Feel nothing but a gap in my senses
I feel trap and congested
So I spit bars that’s how I’m venting
Me, I’m trapped in my sentence
Like almost doing 20 to life
And it weighs heavy on
My Shoulders cold as weather of the night
And some say cause I rap pitch black
Not one day and i ain't neva gonna shine
And I feel detached for the rest of my life
And i can’t kick back I ain't neva gonna lie down
Damn, cuz i was taught from a young age time ain’t bought
And life is short
And things are given to those who face it
Not to those who wait but to those who take it
From nuttin to somethin you gotta find your dreams and go chase them
Whatever the weather I gotta write to make it

I Gotta write to make it
Got life and got a mind to break it
Got given God given talent and I ain’t got time to waste it
Being wasted so I say this would my heart on my sleeve
This year I’m taking charge of the scene
And ain’t no nobody gonna drop
A couple of thugs can’t master the art of a beast

Let's get one thing straight I ain’t gonna dumb shit down
Even keeping it underground
Tell the haters i run this town

Tell the haters i run this town
You can try to replicate
But we see through the seethroughs and the fakes
I’m an up and comer but forget the age
cos when they hear me spit they’re all left amazed
If you standing up get swept away
Man I ain't got a second to wait
So fuck the pain fuck the fame
I do it for the feeling I get when I rip the stage
Walk out to envelope get my pay and walk out of the club extra place
See I’m trying to escape the stress I face
Everyday i do it with a pen and a page
It's depression or pain, i think i need to clean up the mess that i made
We all link up face to face is the regret I feel on a regular basis
Take a walk in my pay ducts
You couldn’t take one step to the pavement
AUS yeah
I rep for my nation
Rep for anyone who feel my pain
Rep for the heads that relatin'

I feel though I’m destined to make it
But I know I ain't quite reach my destination
Not yet I’m waiting but when i blow you better get ready for detonation
See I’m on the rise like elevation
Yea I rap with a purpose
You barely scratching the surface
Me i dig deep like excavation
But i feel like a mental patient
Pacin', i’ve lost control
Aww man i can’t believe it

Lost control
Tell the haters i run this town

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