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Carve the fire into your skin
Stitch the wounds revealing the sin
Waiting in the sky is the wisdom of the ages
Freedom's ignorant realm
Clear the thoughts addressing your heart
While rage and honor tear your apart
Look beyond the clouds
With your troubles left behind you
I can lead you
Charging, bloody
Crimson red
Hollow, shameful
Leave them dead
Nightfall draws ever near
In the silence all you can hear
Is pride's heartless whimper
As your purpose falls away
But hold your ground and wait
Shadows creep in forest below
The sun has set, no light left to show
The memory to bridge
This purpose to your home
The cracking glow unknown
At the sound of war, when blood boils to a flame
Does your spirit die?
When the frost of your truth has melted away
Vaunting veins will redden the night
Your ghost charges forth
Vaunting veins will redden the night
Your heart still breathes in the north
You long to see this enemy
As a mirror into your soul
A worthy adversary wearing the badge
Of his strength for all to know
But his heart is buried deep in his eyes
His purpose locked within his mind
You fear the power his clarity can find
Fall to your knees
You bored and reckless man
Why have you taken the lifes of
Those who choose to walk the path of light
Men - But can you tell which is your foe
Blood - It flows in rivers on the ground below
Wind - The wind is howling past your ear
Now - Your final battle drawing near
The despair of the voices from my home
Fills the air
Was love not enough?
Were they not enough?
Screams of sorrow, longing for my land
Sanguine pride flows down my hand
Wounds to guide my way eternally
My fire stains the earth

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