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There is a light at the edge of the sea
That keeps on beckoning me
The glow is not hard to miss
When washed up against the abyss
In the darkness it waits
For man to unseal its gate
Only the eyes are to blame
For what's read by a candle's flame
I swear that I'll take the grey skies in stride
Just please keep the black from my side
Blood of a shadow's heart
Can never flow in the dark
Close your eyes and you'll
Always stay here
Nothing to hide from or fear
So bring me the shield, not the sword
But bring me nothing I've adored
Just bring me the means to preserve one body
And I will ask for nothing more
Await no fate
Too late, too late
So bring me the shield, not the sword
Bring me a coward's last reward
Cause if you grant me the power to fight this battle
I will keep begging you for more
We have harnessed the idea in our minds
That the sky beyond the wood must be divine
But wherever we tread our roots shall be planted
And the tress will grow in little time
Stars of the frozen night
Don't guide my way, don't aid in my plight
Let me for once adjust my eyes
And let the days roll by
Hide while you can
They will see you
Those with the wounds in their flesh
They'll say "Hope is worth the mess"
Don't make a sound
They will hear you
And bring down the fire from above
That cruel flame, they'll light it
And they'll call it love
Maybe you'll find the strength after all
Maybe we're not destined for the fall
But all I ever saw
Deep in the mirror of your eyes
Was a candle lit just to fight the cold
And a child born to forget the old
But I swore to you I wouldn't live that way
Let the pieces fall where they may
Light at the edge of the sea
Has taken control of me
I grasp for all that I wish
As it hovers above the abyss
I know now that I'll never be void
Of desire until I've destroyed
Both the compass and the map
So there will be no way to turn back
To places where freedom prevails
Where even darkness can fail
I've come to see that I don't want that choice
Take all I have, take my voice
Sleep at the edge of the earth
Far from the spring of life's
After the years spent in here
I'm still not in the clear
The realization draws near
That all we will ever know is fear

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Sleep at the Edge of the Earth


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