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Countless years have come and gone
And still we dig
Into the ocean's skin for fire
Skies collapse with ease
And still we fly
Cloaked by our united disguise
See what I see
Harness your need
Fear what I fear
As you near
Stairs of trust descend
For far too long
Into the wild's heart, its mire
Survival takes control
We lose our will
Want contorts to need
As we feel death's chill
I'll cry your name if you aim the arrow
If your wrath unveils
But I'll retreat if light shows your essence
If your ire fails
There's no escape from this cave of liars
When they all feast inside my eyes
Instead of tearing bard from dead oak
I rip flesh from bone
I could've drained the blood from our dreams
But I take my own
So if I paint the scene of a man truly lost
In a spiraling web
Will you forget that my hand only grasped
One single thread?
If you reach deep into the ground
You will find the deceiver's crown unbound
Drowning in the sea of dust and crooked thoughts
You finally learn that it was not you for whom I fought
A reflection lives inside your gentle heart
Seek its gaze and watch as you pull yourself part
We've reached the cusp of land and sea
And I feel the world pour over me
So I'll take the road to the stars
And forget why I trekked so far
Deep in the sea of my twisted ways
You finally see my words set ablaze
Burn every plea, burn through me
I could live forever
I could dream forever
In the garden of fire
I've grown so tired
But I could fight forever
And battle any weather
In the garden of fire
For now we will surrender to the fading sun
We'll wake and we will find intention and action are one
So don't despair if you can't find your mind
For tonight we drink together from the goblet of time

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