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Night is nearing its closure
The earth is yearning for the light
But the skies have frozen over
The sun of my heart cannot pierce the dark

To catch the whisper of the heavens
The black mountain pass must be sought
Where the beast of seelusion awaits
We won't endure the cold and neither will the dawn

The bitter despair of their starving eyes
Has paved the road that I fear
In the greenest grove
Their savoir will never appear

Nothing I've learned holds its meaning
When the soul id cast out of its home
And the scars of my strength never deeping
The stars turn their heads from the tears I have shed

The key had always been my treasure
While the lock was the greater prize
The forest looks straight through the lies
I've kept inside

Open your eyes and feel no hate
Towards the darkness you hold
It will not be your fate
The sun may be far away from your crasp
But its flames will remain
Illusions of light never last

An oath I will make to the depths of my core
To die for those who cannot fight this war
To shatter the ice destroying our land
I'll return the gold in hand or I'll not return at all

Embrace the shadow
For its path you must follow

I close my eyes and I feel such hate
Will the darkness I hold become my fate?
The sun is so far away from my grasp
Will its flames still remain, when illusions of light fade so fast?

Will the dawn show its face?
Or will its life I'll forever chase?

The darkest path
Converge where the light will meet the ground
I hear no sound
And see no sign of fortune's hidden rhyme

How strange it seems the at the edge of life
I could find my way
Cause for today, the road of frozon starlight
I've begun

Text přidal Razi3L

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