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It's a beautiful mystery,
Who knows who are what you'll turn out to be,
We'll all wait patiently,
but you know we just can't wait to see... you
Now we're gathered together,
All friends and family,
Let's make a toast to us, and most of all,
To the new life to be.
But you don't know,
Sweet little thing,
Safely inside,
You don't know of the joy you'll bring into our lives
Or of the love that surrounds you on this winter's night.
You are new, New life.
So take your time little one,
Life goes so fast once it's begun.
As soon as you come outside,
You're in for one rock 'n' roll, crazy ride.
There's a universe to travel,
Its wonders to reveal,
Your adventure in this beautiful world
will soon become real.
And you must know, sweet little thing,
To never be afraid,
We'll be there to protect you
When it don't go your way,
And to share in the joy of a beautiful day and your
New... New life.

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