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We went back to the old stack
We left the window cracked from which we came
Then the moonlight kept chasing me
We never thought of things we left behind
Young, we yearned for the midnight
Young, we dug a hole
Mother, do you know where I've gone?
You're the only one wandering where I've gone
Night, I'm back from dead and I need you
I plead to be born along he breeze
Run, there's faces in the shadows
Run, Run, Run
Run babe to the other side
Run babe to the ground
If you never come when I needed grace
I'll be down on my knees now
Lead me from when I never knew
Help me speak aloud with a new sound
And if you never come to the depths of truth
I'll be down on my knees now
Oh night, your presence is a burden
But your meaning is right
No flight of darkness in the world can bring me down
Because I found that I am light

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William Wild

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