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Little Darlin' - text

Little darlin'
The way you make me blue
There is nothing more
I'd ever want from you

When you call me
Late night on the phone
Little darlin' please come home

Little darlin
I feel really sick
I think I'm dying
I think this just might be it

And the only thing
That still keeps me alive
Is that photo of you
Naked blushing
I keep in my mind

And I know you're being hit on
By dozens of guys
And frankly it doesn't
Seem as a surprise

And I know you like it
I know that you do
But darlin' don't you know
I'm the only one that
Belongs to you

Little darlin'
The nights I long for you
Keep on dragging their feet
Keep me tangled up in blue

Little darlin'
How much longer's left to go?
Little darlin' please come home

Come home

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